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Listen: Yung Baby Tate 'GIRLS'


Atlanta native Yung Baby Tate pushes the envelope with her creativity both lyrically and visually. Her latest project Girls is a feel-good Pop album, comprised of liberating “female anthems." The newcomer displays dual talent on the album, operating as a rapper and singer. Each track cleverly titled “Girl” (e.g. New Girl, That Girl, Pretty Girl ) showcases Yung Baby Tate’s rhyming skills and vocal ability. 


The 11-track project is an abstract body of work with flow-switches and crafty features (Kari Faux, Bbymutha, Mulatto, etc.) What's more, Yung Baby Tate was hands-on with the writing and production process. 


Prior to her album release, the “Wild Girl” rapper dropped a well-orchestrated short film to compliment the Girls rollout. "I wanted to capture the beauty of a multidimensional woman and show that in one girl, there is every girl. My goal with this movement is to let women know that when we join forces, we are so powerful and there's nothing we can't do”, Tate told NYLON. 


Inspired by greats like Missy Elliot and Gwen Stefani, Yung Baby Tate is redefining what southern-bred music looks like, sounds like, and feels like. 


Listen to Yung Baby Tate’s album Girls below. 



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